New Series: 'Fresh Ayr'

Visiting a new area for the first time always provides me with a creative rush. When my home patch starts becoming too familiar, I start to overlook scenes that I should really notice.

A recent visit to the coastal towns of Troon and Ayr on the Scottish west coast allowed me to wander with my camera for a day with a fresh perspective. I captured whatever caught my eye with a view to a short documentary series. The conditions were generally overcast and I enjoy the mood that creates. For my style of photography, it allows me to observe the essence of the subject. I also included people in a few shots, which is something I don't normally do. Everyone I spoke to was very friendly indeed and that's encouraged me to be more confident around photographing people in the future.

The series forms a collection in my portfolio, which can be viewed here: Fresh Ayr

Front Page Feature!

Delighted to have made the front cover of the photographic magazine, Untitled Collective Issue #4!

The magazine features work some extraordinary emerging talent and I'm humbled to be included with images from the series 'Fog ~ Fields ~ Frost'. Please take a look at the website and enjoy several issues containing some innovative art in a slick package!

Represented by Millennium Images

Following a new, three year contract, a selection of my work is now available through Millennium Images, London. Millennium are a premium agency that specialise in innovative, modern photography and emerging photographers. Their clients include magazines, advertising agencies and are especially well known for supplying images for book covers.

Many images you see here are available for reproduction rights and prints and can be found at

Exhibited at RPF'17

Three prints from my series have recently been displayed at a special one-day exhibition in the West Midlands, UK. The Reclaim Photography Festival is an innovative movement dedicated to bringing photographic art to our public spaces. The standard of work displayed was both thought provoking and superlative.

The curators chose three images for print display and many others for digital display from my submitted series entitled 'Is this really life?', an alternative study of North Wales and it people. Much of my photography strives to show the overlooked and falls into minimalist and documentary genres.

The prints from RPF'17 will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit St.Basils, a young people's charity. Many thanks indeed to the organisers, volunteers, contributors and visitors!

Robert Law views a panel of curated work featuring some of his images

Robert Law views a panel of curated work featuring some of his images

Published by Untitled Collective

The Untitled Collective is a high quality online magazine featuring modern, innovative fine art photography. In April's edition, I'm very pleased to have had an image included.

'Seaside Shinto Temple' is a minimal study of a shelter on the famous promenade in Llandudno, North Wales. Llandudno is an archetypal Victorian seaside resort, but the promenade includes several 20th century shelters that certainly echo Japanese shinto temples in their design. This similarity enjoys added curiosity in a seaside setting.

Download the excellent magazine HERE.

New Collection: 'Fog ~ Fields ~ Frost'

Always offering an alternative to the traditional narrative, this is a series of agricultural and urban landscape studies.

Where terrain is gripped in frost, shrouded in fog or beset by a chilling dampness, I feel the need to record this rather melancholy aesthetic. These images were shot on a journey starting in south western Germany, through to northern France during a cold spell of weather and prevailing high pressure. The scenes include frozen crops, empty pastures, meadows and 'beautifully forlorn' industrial estates.

As a regular visitor abroad to my partner's family, the current political upheaval and future uncertainty is hopefully conveyed in these images where, for the time being, the terrain is dormant and anything distant is not discernible. Indications are sparse.

I hope that by making honest observations on film and capturing a generally muted colour palette, the viewer will be able to form a more visceral and meaningful connection to these cold landscapes and their extended social and political significance.

This series will be submitted for publication online and in print this year as well as seeking the possibility of exhibition. I hope you enjoy them and please comment here or on my Facebook page if these images connect with you in any way.

To view the collection, just click here.

NSEW Published!

NSEW (North South East West) a collaborative book by the Film Shooters Collective has been published and is now on sale.

Featuring worldwide contributors working through the medium of film, it showcases the very best of the genre. Robert Law is delighted to be included in this latest edition with an alternative view of living in North Wales.

More information and ordering here.


1959 Rolleiflex Delivers

I'm very pleased with the portability and image quality of my 1959 vintage Rolleiflex 3.5E. I'm adapting to visualising images in square format as well as benefiting from high quality medium format film.

Here as a recent architectural study of the Millennium Centre, Cardiff.