New Collection: 'Fog ~ Fields ~ Frost'

Always offering an alternative to the traditional narrative, this is a series of agricultural and urban landscape studies.

Where terrain is gripped in frost, shrouded in fog or beset by a chilling dampness, I feel the need to record this rather melancholy aesthetic. These images were shot on a journey starting in south western Germany, through to northern France during a cold spell of weather and prevailing high pressure. The scenes include frozen crops, empty pastures, meadows and 'beautifully forlorn' industrial estates.

As a regular visitor abroad to my partner's family, the current political upheaval and future uncertainty is hopefully conveyed in these images where, for the time being, the terrain is dormant and anything distant is not discernible. Indications are sparse.

I hope that by making honest observations on film and capturing a generally muted colour palette, the viewer will be able to form a more visceral and meaningful connection to these cold landscapes and their extended social and political significance.

This series will be submitted for publication online and in print this year as well as seeking the possibility of exhibition. I hope you enjoy them and please comment here or on my Facebook page if these images connect with you in any way.

To view the collection, just click here.